Saturday, August 14, 2010

A New Start...

Change...the good, the bad, and of course the ugly.  My summer of dreams shattered to the floor like a prized piece of ironstone when my husband told me he didn't want our family, our marriage and that he thought he was in love with someone else.  Truly, I thought our marriage was darn near perfect, but as Gomer Pile would say surrrprise, surrrprise, surrprise!  So instead of moving to Germany I've moved back to Iowa to be with my family and make a new start.  Uncertain of what the future may hold, I thank God for each new day and that he blessed my life with my dear friend Tony.  I would've never had made it without you.  You've listen to me cry, get angry and babble on an on, not judging me for the decisions I've made.  You've supported me this entire time and I will never be able to thank you enough, you truly are a blessing!  So as I start this new journey I figure maybe the best is yet to come!                  ~Michelle


  1. I have been updating my blog and just came across your post and want you to know that my thoughts and prayers are with you . . . as I have been there. You will be stronger than you ever dreamed . . . keep your chin up and know that there it will get better and you will be happy again . . . it just takes time . . . liz

  2. My Sweet Chelle... You have helped me more than you know just by being my friend when noone else has or wanted to... I am always thinking of you and want only the best to come your way (and I know whole heartedly that it will)... It's a crazy & messed up world out there and if anyone can make it through YOU are the ONE!!! We are just a couple junkers who are trying our hardest to make it with what we know... I love you Chelle, you are an awesome sister!!! Toni


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